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Tumblr, may I offer you a pug in this trying time?

oh my g od

This made my day.

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Playing House 

Origin. USA.

Length. About 20 minutes per episode.

Writer. Lennon Parham, Jessica St. Clair.

Genre. Comedy.


        Maggie and Emma are best friends who doesn’t see each other that often anymore. Emma lives and works in China while Maggie is pregnant and lives with her husband in the town she grew up in. When Emma comes back home for a quick visit it is discovered that Maggie’s husband is cheating on her with German woman who likes to put stuff up her tushy. Maggie kicks out her husband and Emma moves in and together they will now tackle all pregnancy stuff, as best friends.

        So, we have a series where there are female leads, and they are not like the women in Sex and the City. They do more than talk and think about sex. Most of it revolves around their friendship and their weird hobbies, like dressing up like a hillbilly, or teaching cops to strip dance, or watching TV programs about hoarding. They live a weird and very funny life.

     This is the series of the year for me. I fell in love with it after a couple of minutes into episode one. It is quick, cute and not like much else that is out there. First of all, it centres around two women who love each other, but are not romantically involved. Second of all, the men in the show are funny, and help lift up their female stars. There is also no laugh track, which is always a plus. Laugh track makes me question if I have the strength to sit through an entire TV series when I always will be wondering, “why was that funny?” and “oh is that the joke?” and “gah, why did I laugh now when no one else is?”. And it also make me feel like I do not need to laugh, since the program is doing that for me. It is more exhausting than anything else. But, yeah, Playing House does not use that.

       It features one of my favorite comedians, Keegan Michael-Key, from Key and Peele.

      This series seems to be in the hanging right now. Season one is out, but I have not been able to find anything about there being another season, or that it is cancelled. So for those of you looking for a series which is certain to have many more seasons, Playing House is maybe something you should not watch right now. If it does not get another season I will be very sad because it really deserves at least one more season. However, there are many series which are worth watching even though they were cancelled. Firefly is what springs to mind first. So it really is worth watching even if there only will be ten episodes total.

Yes it’s worth watching! It’s funny and sweet and there are some moments — you’ll see. You have to see it.

They’d better renew it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Joan Rivers on the Ed Sullivan Show, 1967 (x)

So true. RIP one of the greats — a true pioneer.

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Carducius Plantagenet Ream, Still Life with Grapes, 19th-early 20th century (source).

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Lucky if you are in NZ.


Rottweiler puppies By Tanya Kozlovsky

Now THAT’S some 50 Shades of what I’m talking about! Grrr!

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The Podengo went hiking with a friend.


Cleaning out my itunes tonight.  Found this video.  Forgot how funny it was.  Great play on Austen.

This is hysterical!

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